Tips For Setting up a Buffet

Buffets are very popular ways of organizing the food served at parties. Many events organizers prefer buffets for its convenience, gesture and other time saving attributes. Although, planning and setting up a buffet isn’t a walk in the park because there are priorities to be made, items to be selected and quantities to be estimated. A successful hotel buffet in Singapore makes the guests leave happy, but a failed one can cause a little bit of embarrassment. Here are some tips for setting up a buffet to help you save the day.

Organize the space

Space is the key concept to buffet, and the sole purpose of its invention was to organize a party in a limited space. So, the first round of planning should be about how the buffet lines are queued and where the different sections of buffet are placed. There is an established order which is widely practiced by many buffet providers and they can offer good consultation on the order of placement of the items based on your orders. Creating the start and end points for queues must be planned depended on the venue. Place a few volunteers around to help the guests get organized in the queue. It is always better to place the drinks section far away from the food section.

Order of the items on the table

Practice a standard order of items placement on the buffet line tables. The first part is about arrangement of plates and dishes. The order of food items depends on which ones are light and which ones are heavy. Usually, the order goes from light to heavy. Another important rule is to make sure that the cutlery such as forks, spoons and knives are placed at the end of the table. Placing them at the start of the table can create a jam as people take time to pick them.

Points of access

Buffets should not be visualized as one person moving from point to another. Instead, it should be pictured as a herd that is in constant movement, only the movement should be one way up. In order to facilitate that, it is important to create multiple points of access for regular items such as napkins and appetizers. Many hotel buffet in Singapore even practice putting the plates at both ends of the table to let the queue move in a two way direction.

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